About Us

Nyia’s Dream is a successful, fast growing virgin hair company founded in the great state of Texas.

Our natural hair is carefully inspected and selected from one of the most exclusive natural hair suppliers. We offer great customer service, customer consulting, and shipping to US and international customers. We offer a basic variety of Natural Colors available in lengths from 14 inches to 30 inches.

Our belief is that no other hair in the world is more suitable for almost any occasion. Since our hair looks and feels most natural, women have experienced a more beautiful, lustrous, and enjoyable hair product.

Over the last several decades, natural hair has progressively evolved from inexpensive processed hair. Currently, women live a very active lifestyle whereas natural hair is more popular than ever, perhaps due to its superior quality and function. Here at Nyia’s Dream, we provide every woman with luxurious hair that allows them to live their DREAM.